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“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”


My name is Louis and I am a wedding photographer known for my aesthetic and cinematic approach to wedding photography. I place great importance on family/tradition and feelings.

My work embodies classic photography, yet captures moments reminiscent of scenes from films. I have over a decade of experience and consistently focus on shooting weddings . I am drawn to the beauty of happy moments, sincere emotions and tears of joy that mark important life events. I enjoy documenting cosy family evenings with loved ones.

My passion for capturing these precious moments extends globally, as I am willing to work anywhere in the world. My portfolio showcases weddings across Europe and unique locations such as the deserts of Dubai, the musical heart of New Orleans, and the vibrant city of Chicago.

I see photographs as the timeless chapters in a family's narrative, beautifully expressing emotions and transporting us back to the most significant moments as if they happened just yesterday.

a photo of an artish for his portfolio his name is louis gabriel and he is a luxury wedding photographer

Real artists take chances and risks and they don’t worry about the repercussions or the correctness of things.


11 Confessions..

Designer I adore: Y3 / I become shopaholic: When i travel / Destinations I always want to go back to: Los Angeles / A perfume to die for: Ombre Nomade /Louis Vuitton / My perfect day: When i go snowboarding in the winter / The photographer I look up to: Was Yannis Behraki Sport: F1/Red bull Racing / Movie I recently enjoyed: Dune2 / Book : The art of War / Can't live without: My Dogs / Spending my free time: Tasting food to amazing restaurants , traveling ,Snowboarding and Padel (:

Offering a balance between Editorial & Documentary

Some of the best photos happen when you document life as it unfolds. No direction, no perfection, just beautiful mess.The other side of me loves posed photos, and by posed I don't mean uncomfortable or awkward. More like casual .